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Windows 10 1903 Update


What is Windows 1903?

Windows 1903 is the latest update for Windows 10 OS. The new update will be rolled out in April, therefore, users should be getting the brand new update in the coming weeks.

What will the Windows 10 Update do?

Windows 1903 is markedly different from previous updates. Prior updates, like 1809, attempted to enhance functionality to mixed results. However, Windows 1903 will address a quality of life issue that has been plaguing users for some time: failed update installs.

With the update, Windows 10 will self-diagnose a failed startup. It will search for invalid registry keys, corrupted files and malfunctioning drivers as potential causes behind the failed bootup. If none of the prior issues exists Windows 10 will then examine update drivers. If Windows 10 concludes that a recently installed update is behind the startup problem, it will rollback the update to ensure the computer can start up properly.

Long-time users of Windows OS will note that this is not a brand new feature. Microsoft has been implementing update rollbacks since the days of Windows XP. However, there is one key difference. Previously, when Windows rolled back the update, it would look to install the update again, even when there was a problem with the installation process. Hence, if your Windows got stuck trying to install updates the first time, you would be dealing with a situation where your computer fails to boot up over and over again. Windows 1903 aims to prevent repeated instalments of a failed update. Instead, the update will be blocked for 30 days, giving Microsoft time to address the problem.

Why is the new update Pro-Consumer?

It undoes problems caused by a failed update

Windows 1903 is the most pro-consumer Windows 10 update since the OS’ inception because it addresses a key issue many users have had for some time: Failed updates.

The lifespan of Windows 10 has seen several updates, most of which have not delivered the expected results. Far from improving the user experience, some of these updates have worsened the Windows 10 experience, due to compatibility issues. When these updates failed to install correctly it led to several problems, like files getting wiped out and the system failing to boot properly.

Windows 1903 addresses this issue by uninstalling the failed update, thus taking away the problems it causes.

There’s no need to troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is tough for many casual users. While there is plenty of technical support to be found in forums and other tech support websites, many users still find diagnosing a failed boot up a complicated process, one that takes up a lot of time. When there is a problem, fixing it consumes a lot of time and energy, and is frustrating for most users. The new Windows 10 update will remove much of that frustration by automatically diagnosing and uninstalling failed updates. As a result, users save time and energy.

The Windows 1903 update prevents Windows 10 from installing failed updates again

The update process can be frustrating for many users. When a new update is installed, users are required to stop what they are doing and restart the system. Restarting the system is a normal process for updates, but when there are dozens of updates to be done within a week or day, it can gnaw at the user’s patience. The problem gets even worse when Windows tries to install an update repeatedly if it doesn’t work the first time. Windows 1903 removes the issue by blocking the update from installing after the first failed attempt.

It paves the way for future quality-of-life updates

The Windows 1903 update is also an acknowledgement by Microsoft that there is a problem with the quality of the Windows 10 product. Since the OS’ inception, users have been struggling with several quality-of-life issues and constant updates that lead to a frustrating rather than rewarding experience. Perhaps, the Windows 1903 update will set a precedent for future quality-of-life updates that will improve the user experience.

Key takeaways

Windows 1903 is the most pro-consumer Windows 10 update released yet. The brand new update addresses the problem of failed updates, one of the quality-of-life issues that have plagued Windows 10 from the start. Users no longer have to troubleshoot a failed startup by themselves because Windows 10 will do it automatically. Furthermore, Windows 1903 blocks the update for 30 days, giving Microsoft time to address the issue. Thus, reducing the incidence of repeated installations which can be very frustrating.

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