Helping businesses meet their ICT moral and legal obligations

IT Governance and Compliance is quickly becoming a priority for businesses in Australia. Companies are now subject to laws regulating information security, economic accountability, data retention and disaster recovery. 

Every organisation needs a way of ensuring and measuring that their IT functions adhere to these laws whilst supporting the strategies and goals of the business.

Net Affinity have developed a service to implement IT governance and compliance frameworks. The frameworks address these risks so that the business can meet industry regulatory compliance.

IT governance enables an organisation to:

  • Demonstrate measurable results against broader business strategies and goals;
  • Meet relevant legal and regulatory obligations, such as those set out in the GDPR or the Australian data privacy regulations (Notifiable Data Breach Scheme)
  • Assure stakeholders that they can have confidence in your organisation’s IT services;
  • Facilitate an increase in the return on IT investment;
  • Comply with certain corporate governance or public listing rules or requirements.

Strategic alignment

Value delivery

Resource management

Risk management: 

Performance measures: 

Policies and Procedures to ensure that staff use facilities and services in an appropriate, secure and risk-appropriate manner, and to ensure that other persons do not misuse the facilities and services

Audits examine and assess the IT information and infrastructure of the company to access whether IT controls safegaurd corporate assets, guarantee data integrity and align with the general goals and objectives of the business

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